7 Gifts Best Avoided This Valentine’s Day
7 Gifts Best Avoided This Valentine’s Day
A 60-second speed read.
The Beatles were right when they sang ‘money can’t buy me love.’
But money can buy you a gift to give to your significant other. The trouble is not all ‘romantic gifts’ are
created equally and received gratefully.
And with Valentine’s Day on Sunday here are seven presents to avoid.
1) Anything weight-related – Slim-Fast won’t go down too well.
2) Cheap and not so cheerful flowers. The petrol station posies won’t hit the spot.
3) Anything DIY related.
4) A hoover. Seriously? What are you thinking?
5) Expired gift cards. Result – you’ve found a gift card in the kitchen drawer. But check the date before you pass it off as a gift for your other half.
6) A massive Teddy bear. This was dubbed the most cliched Valentine gift in a survey by an online dating company.
7) Nothing – Perhaps the worst thing you could do is to forget Valentine’s Day totally – if you do you may be making an emergency dash to the petrol station. See point 2.
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